When you need
an ally, a guide, or
simply a witness...

Learn more about ways to support your psychological and emotional well-being with “Attuned,” a bi-annual newsletter written especially for individuals, couples and families.

Are you longing for more self-acceptance and closeness with others? Feeling overwhelmed by heartache or sorrow? Desiring more confidence in yourself and your dreams? Trying to cope with loss, grief, anxiety or depression? Yearning for support but unsure of where to turn? Wishing someone would truly listen? If so, psychotherapy can help.

When approached with commitment and care, psychotherapy can be profoundly reparative and life-altering. It can help you navigate times of uncertainty, discover what most nourishes and sustains your well-being and deepen your experience of yourself, your life and your relationships with others. It can also help you recover from the aftermaths of trauma and abuse, cope with hardship and live your life with more hopefulness, open-heartedness and ease.

Whether you are seeking assistance for yourself, your child, your partnership or family, psychotherapy can offer many benefits. To learn more about me and my approach, please read visit my Welcome page or call 415-533-9724. I would be pleased to talk with you.