Ever since I was a young person, I have been drawn to what I now call “life beneath the surface.” I was curious to understand my own emotional and psychological world, and could sense this world and its deep stirrings in others. I was introspective, even as a child, and drawn to the the inner life of others, especially those lives that were somehow touched by hardship.

Like many, my personal encounter with hardship began early in life. Born to a single mother who was adopted at birth to alcoholic parents, and who suffered with melancholy and depression until her death from cancer at the age of 42, I witnessed the far-reaching and debilitating impacts of unattended neglect and abuse.

Although often heartbreaking and terrifying, it was also a deeply humanizing experience, one that both deepened both my understanding of myself as well as the far-reaching influences of trauma.

How do some survive harm, while others succumb to addiction or depression? What helps prevent and mitigate the effects of trauma? How can we exercise some influence upon our destinies, including our psychological destinies? How do we mend our lives and thrive and drawn upon our liabilities as sources of strength? Exploring these questions has been and continues to be one of the central focuses of my life, leading me both inward and to others, including the clients I have seen in my practice as a psychotherapist these past nearly 20 plus years.

Entrusting me as their witness, companion and guide, these clients have taught me about the profound reparation that purposeful therapeutic connection can provide. Their brave willingness to explore, express and share what is most real in their hearts and lives has enlarged both my understanding of the vicissitudes of human experience, as well as what can serve as balm for injury and suffering.

To understand more about my approach, and the values which guide my work, please consider reading My Approach, About the Process and My Promise. They will help you become better acquainted with me and what inspire and guides my work.