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Ever since I was a young person, I have been drawn to what I now call “life beneath the surface.” I was curious to understand my own emotional and psychological world, and could sense this world and its deep stirrings in others. I was introspective, even as a child, and curious about  the inner life of others, especially those lives that were somehow touched by hardship.

Although as the daughter of a mother who succumbed to debilitating lifelong depression and died of cancer at the age of 42, I experienced many hardships of my own, I became determined to try and live my life with as much robustness as possible, finding a redemptive and unifying purpose in my search for a destiny more joyful and purposeful than my mother's.  Although deeply attuned to the suffering of others, I felt especially drawn to men and women, who despite even profound adversity, still retained their hopefulness for their lives -- who not only survived, but discovered both vulnerability and strength in their encounters with affliction as well as compassion for others.

Personally, I began to believe that while some forms of suffering are immutable, that others could be transformed, and that as individuals we can exercise some measure of influence upon our destinies, including our psychological destinies. At the age of 20, with the influences of my mother’s death and other significant losses still reverberating through my life, I began seeking this for myself, not knowing how or if I could “mend my life,” but determined in earnest to try.

This process has been and continues to be one of the central focuses of my life and has fortified and enriched me in many ways, nurturing my development and helping transform what I once regarded as liabilities into strengths. It has also offered me many opportunities -- for understanding, developing my capacity to love, and for authoring and navigating my own life with more choice and freedom than I imagine I would have had in other circumstances.

As a psychotherapist, I hope to accompany and offer guidance and support to others as they engage in this process, sharing both what I have learned in my own search, as well as what I have gleaned and understood from my work with others.

While informed by the wisdom of many mentors and teachers, I am most grateful to my clients for teaching me about the profound reparation that purposeful human connection can provide. Their brave willingness to explore, express and share what is most real in their hearts and lives has guided both my understanding of the vicissitudes of human experience, we well as what can serve as balm for injury and suffering.

To understand more about my approach, and the values which guide my work, please consider reading My Approach, About the Process and My Promise. They will help you become better acquainted with me and what inspire and guides my work.