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The Influences of Nature, Nurture and Fate in our Lives

It is generally agreed that we develop in response to many influences, including our early family lives, and the manner in which our parents and early caregivers attended to or nurtured our needs for care, attention or comforting, or helped us navigate certain developmental or interpersonal milestones and challenges. In addition to influencing our most…

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Reflections On Grief and Loss

”The boy whose death was a true beginning.” When I read this memorable headline as I was glancing at the daily newspaper almost two decades ago, my heart quickened. A few moments later, I opened the paper and read the story of Nicholas Green, a young boy who died tragically at the age of five…

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Motherless Daughters

When a daughter loses her mother, she loses the ally who will help her navigate the developmental challenges of life, form a secure sense of herself and her place in the world, and accept and survive the many losses which are an intrinsic part of living itself. She loses the witness who helped mark her…

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