My Approach

I work eclectically, and draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches to best meet the needs of each of my clients depending upon their particular needs. I tend to resonate most closely with psychodynamic, developmental, humanistic, existential, transpersonal and relational orientations to psychotherapy, but also employ processes that focus more on somatic experience and the role of cognition and thought on psychological well-being and functioning. As we begin to meet, I will invite you to talk with me about your life, as it is expressed outwardly and experienced inwardly, to try and understand the influences converging in the difficulties you may be having.

In our initial meeting, I will talk with you about what to expect from me and the therapeutic process, as well as the values that guide my work as a clinician in the hopes that it will help you feel more comfortable with our process, however I know the best assurance will be our interactions themselves, and a consistent experience of feeling both accepted and respected.

Even with an invitation, the process of sharing may not feel natural at first --- I understand! I believe it is crucial to help you feel as at ease as possible, and to convey my trust-worthiness and reliability as a clinician and a person.

Even when goal-oriented and focused, the process of psychotherapy can be a profoundly intimate and emotional, and while sharing may be both relieving and comforting, you may feel some understandable wariness as we begin, especially until you have a sense of me and my approach, and we become better acquainted with one another and develop a therapeutic alliance based upon your needs.

This of course, takes time, but it can happen surprisingly quickly, as we begin to talk and reflect together on your psychological and emotional life.

I believe that, at its heart, the therapeutic endeavor is a human one, created in tandem by therapist and client. I also believe that the feelings and associations the can be evoked in this relationship can provide a powerful opportunity for learning, especially regarding those interpersonal patterns of relating that most deeply influence your life and experience of yourself and others.

Whether we are exploring these feelings and associations, your history, your life at present, your moment-to-moment experience of yourself or your feelings, your relationships with others, or any other aspect of your emotional and psychological life, I will try and guide your journey through the psychotherapeutic process thoughtfully, so it offers the reparative experience you are seeking.

While this process may at times evoke feelings of sorrow, shame, anger, remorse, guilt or even discomfort about the process of therapy, I will try and create an atmosphere that helps you to experience these feelings safely, without fear of reprisal or judgment.

I will also help foster this sense of safety in other ways, including by practicing what I describe in "My Promise."

If you would like more information about my approach, please read “About the Process,” also included in this site or call me to speak in person. I would  be  pleased  to answer any questions you may have, either in a preliminary telephone conversation or during our first appointment.



I believe that the ways we were loved and cared for as children influence our lives as adults.
I believe we are partners with our fate.
I believe that sometimes the most profound changes occur when we accept ourselves as we are.
I believe that perfection is an illusion and that we all carry burdens, including those inherited across generations from others.
I believe that compassion has not only the power to soothe, but transform.
I believe in the capacities of curiosity and imagination to expand both our world and perspective of ourselves and others.
I believe we are all teachers and learners.
I believe that loving is both a journey and a destination.
I believe in the durability of the heart.
I believe in the tenacity of the human spirit to survive.
I believe the "body never lies." 

I believe that we all have strengths and vulnerabilities ... and that learning to live at peace with our vulnerabilities can be the greatest strength of all. 
I believe in the value of introspection and learning.
I believe that we are here together, bound by our similarities much more than our differences.
I believe that the breadth of human experience and expression are vital to our existence, and that our differences are a source both of celebration and pride.
I believe even the most entrenched conflicts can be mediated.
I believe that sharing is life-affirming.
I believe that a meaningful life is the greatest richness of all.